Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs can be perfect for attaching to metal surfaces such as doors, shutters and even vehicles. Magnets can be reused multiple times and stored when not in use allowing complete flexibility for the end user.

Vehicle magnetic signs can act in much the same way as vinyl branding. Allowing a smaller covering of company logo's or temporary information with the added benefit of being removable and reuseable on other vehicles.

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Do magnetic signs scratch paintwork?

Magnetic signage is designed to be applied to various metal finishes and is able to be removed and reapplied at your convenience without the worry of long term damage.

Are magnetic signs weatherproof?

The signs are designed to apply to many metal surfaces, inside and out. A magnetic sign can withstand rain and mild wind speeds. However, caution is advised for windy and very stormy conditions as they can detach in the extreme wind, or in situations such as high motorway speeds (when applied to a vehicle).

Can I have my logo printed on a magnetic sign?

We can work with your current logo artwork or create one for you. Our preferred format is .pdf or .eps vectored files, with any fonts set to outlines. This isn't always possible & we will advise if your file isn't suited.

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