Headlight & Tail Light Tints

front headlight tint being professionally fitted

Our protective Headlight and tail light tint films are made from optically clear, extremely tough polyurethane film and fitted by a specially-trained installer.

Once applied, the professional grade headlight and tail light tint film ensures durability over a long period of time and offers protection from road debris such as stones and sand, as well as harsh weather conditions. The film can be applied to most sizes and shapes of headlights, or tail lights in one piece avoiding the need for inlays.

We can offer different shades and even coloured film, the tint is a great low cost addition to your car for stylish look. We can also offer clear PPF options for simple, subtle protection.

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For looks or a subtle mod, your light tints can make your vehicle look great. Be it tail light or headlight tinting, it adds protection and the ability to remove the film unlike that of a tint spray.

Are headlight and rear light tints legal, doesn't it block the light?

The carefully selected tint film we use allows light out and can also offer an optional tint. This meets current MOT regulations and can be removed easily, if required.

Can you apply this over hazy damaged headlights to be glossy again?

Initially no, however we can flat polish the headlight at an extra cost to allow clear light to pass through the tinting film providing a like new finish.

Do upper brake lights and lower reflectors get done as standard?

These are not done as part of our standard service, however these can be done on request to match.

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Feel free to get in touch about any of your headlight or tail light tinting. We can put our hands on anything, so if you require something and you're not sure if we offer it - contact us anyway. We're always happy to help in any way we can.

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