Window Tinting

4x4 ranger 70% front legal car window tint application in Swindon.

Vehicle window tinting is achieved from the application of a specialist film installed to the interior of glass surfaces in cars & vans offering a level of privacy, security & reduction of harmful UV rays.

Car window tinting can prevent skin damage and also interior damage such as fading or blistering of your vehicle interior from sun exposure as it can block out upto 99% of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. other benefits include keeping your interior feeling cooler and exterior looking fantastic.

Our professional window tinting team will help you select the right shade of window film for your car that will fit your needs, be road legal and offer long-lasting protection. All our tint options are on display so you can see exactly what you'll receive prior to the installation. It's worth noting that your car interior can have an effect on the shade level from the exterior, ie. a light interior will differ from dark interior on certain shades of film.

We have a well lit, tint bay located in Swindon, Wiltshire which allows us to offer quality long lasting quality tints. We offer a lifetime guarantee against fading as we only use high quality tint from the UK's leading suppliers Suntek + Llumar.

We will never put anyone's safety at risk and will only follow the UK laws for windscreen and front window tints - more information can be found here.

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If you've not had tints on your vehicle before, the unknown can be quite daunting.
Do you want security, privacy or just to look amazing? Let us help make your windows awesome.

Can I mix and match shades?

We can offer a darker shade on rear windows and lighter on the front which can help with balancing visibility and security. This also keeps the tints legal in the front when darker smoke is preferred for the rears.

How do I care for my tints once installed?

Keeping your windows looking perfect is very simple and easy, we will supply you with a comprehensive window tint aftercare sheet on collection.

Can I come in to look at tint shade options?

Of course, we welcome any visitors & happy to show our display of window tint options. From Limo to Light smoke, we can discuss and advise what may suit your vehicle.

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Window tinting offers protection in many different ways, as well as making your car or van look fantastic. If you require something specific for your vehicle, we'll happily discuss film options and what will work best for you.

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